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Uri Ben Israel – Owner

Consultant – fish farming expert

Uri Ben Israel is a senior fish farming consultant and is widely recognized as a leading consultant in the fish farming business. He has over forty years of experience in fish farming and has worked on many projects worldwide. He has extensive experience in developing commercial production methods for the intensive and semi-intensive culture of fish farming in the tropics. His practice includes consultation in farm design, technological innovation, production methods, disease control, training, and processing plant design. In addition, he has extensive experience in operations and general project-management issues.

Mr. Ben-Israel got his start at the Beit Alfa (Israel) Fishing Industries farm, where he worked for 16 years, working his way up to management.

In the interim he graduated from the Ruppin Institute (Business Administration), went on to earn diplomas in Aquaculture (Academic course sponsored by the Ministry of Agriculture, Israel.); he completed a course in Fish Disease (Nir David National Laboratory for Fish Disease, Israel), and obtained a diploma in International Marketing from the Israel Export Institute.

Mr. Ben Israel has managed, consulted and overseen many fish farming initiatives for over thirty-five years in Israel, Jamaica, Nigeria, Ghana, Togo, Colombia, Brazil and Ecuador.
Mr. Ben Israel planned and constructed a red tilapia fish farm in Jamaica – called “AQUALAPIA”.

For the past 15 years, Mr.Ben Israel has been involved in fish farming tilapia and catfish in Africa, especially in West Africa.

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