Tilapia Fish Farm

Earth ponds and Cages

Tilapia Fish Farming & Marketing

By choosing one of these methods, you will establish a cost-effective fish farm, capable of producing and marketing almost any amount of tilapia per annum. By cultivating tilapia fish in earth ponds or cages, you will utilize the unique advantages of your selected location.

Why Tilapia? and why in Africa?

First and foremost, tilapia is one of the most favored fish worldwide, reaching more than 6 million Mt/Annum. The demand for tilapia is rapidly exceeding supply, maintaining its high price. Another important advantage is the reproduction and cultivation ability of the tilapia species; West Africa has ideal conditions for tilapia cultivation.
The increasing demand encourages many growers to enter into tilapia production worldwide. Tilapia belongs to the Cichid family of fish. It is one of the major groups of food fish around the world, especially in the tropical and semi-tropical regions. Tilapia has been called “Saint Peter’s fish” in reference to biblical passages about the fish fed to the multitudes.
Tilapia requires hot water all year long, they suffer in cold water and can even die. Therefore, most tropical countries are ideal for tilapia.
As a native African fish, it has a relatively strong resistance to diseases and is therefore ideal for the earth ponds or cages system.


Brood Stock & Sex reversal

The Brood Stock (Parents)

Quality brood stock strains are a key factor for a successful fish farming business. Therefore, it is necessary to start with the best productive brood stock strains, which are carefully selected. The advantage:

  1. Fish resistance to the regional climate of the located farm.
  2. Daily growth rate of the fish.
  3. Meat yield – the percentage of meat in fish (percentage of meat remaining after removal of the head and bones)


Sex Reversal – all male

  • By producing 100% males we prevent the fish from reproduction. It is essential to control the number of fish in each pond / cage.
  • A tilapia male grows 30-40% faster than a tilapia female.

The process of sex reversal is accomplished by providing high quality feed with a male hormone supplement (testosterone) which turns the female fry into male.

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