Jamaica Fish farming

Alphalapia by Uri Ben Israel was planning and constructing a Red & Gray Tilapia fish farm – called “AQUALAPIA”.The annual production of the farm was 4,000 tons of Tilapia fish. Most of the products went to the Us market. Aqualapia were the first in the world to sell tilapia fish fillet in United States markets.

Later on, Mr. Ben Israel managed the farm for three years; the farm employed more than 120 workers.

The AQUALAPIA farm performs vertical integration business activities:



  • Produces Tilapia and Carp fingerlings for internal production and the external market.

  • Grows red Tilapia fish for the local fresh and processed fish markets.

  • Processing plant produces quality fillet for the local market and for export.

  • Marketing and distribution of the farm products is done by the farm  management and its marketing team.

JAMAICA – Aqualapia (146 earth ponds of Tilapia fish)