Togo Fish Market & fish farming

Togo search for a new Tilapia and catfish farm location.
On behalf of a local investor, a search for a suitable Tilapia
and Catfish farm location and a pre-feasibility study were carried out.
The farm combined earth ponds and cages in the “Zio” river
  • The fish market in Togo depends on offshore catch and imports from other countries. The daily catch arrives at the fish market in Lome, purchased by the ” fish mammies” who clean and distribute the fish to shops and end customers.

  • Most fish are sold fresh, but some are dried, smoked or salted.

    The local distribution suffers from below-standard sanitary conditions and a lack of cold storage facilities, thus reducing product shelf-life to a minimum.

  • Some import companies operating in Togo purchase fish worldwide, import and distribute throughout the country. These firms keep refrigeration facilities and cold Lorries, which enable continued distribution to markets.

    Imported Tilapia fish

    During our visit, we did not see and were not informed of any aquaculture farming in the country.