Tilapia Fish Farm in Africa

Commissioned by Riverside Ltd. (Ghana) to carry out a feasibility study for a large Tilapia and Catfish fish farms, cage farms and earth pond farms including planning, designing and implementing the fish farms as well as a processing plant, hatchery, feed production plant and laboratory. ​

Advising and expanding the production of “Crystal Fish” Tilapia Farm. Owned by a local investor. During this period of time the growth rate in the cage farm located in the Volta Lake was significantly improved and local production of Tilapia fingerlings was started both for the farm itself and for sale to neighboring fish farms.​

Feasibility study was carried out for Tilapia and Cat fish farms in the Ashanti region. The business plan evaluated and designed two alternatives: earth pond production or cage production. Feasibility and technical study was carried out for Tilapia cages farm on the Volta Lake.

Crystal lake- Tilapia cages fish farm – improving fingerlings and market’s fish production

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