Fish farm market Gabon — Renovating an old fish farm in Franceville area

  • Although the entire market in Gabon is rather small, as compared to other countries in W. Africa, the country has a larger middle class sector and foreigners with relatively high purchasing power.

  • Its main cities are Franceville and Libreville, but some other small towns can be a target for the farm’s products. Additional markets may be in Congo, its neighboring country that can demand quality products.

    The overall fish production in Gabon was estimated by the FAO stat at 32

    thousand Mt/Annum of catch fish, and an additional 160 Mt/Annum were


  • Market surveys in Gabon were carried out during the current & past visits. Three main market locations were examined:  Libreville, Franceville and Lambarene.

  • Lambarene is located on the Ogooue River, where the river is spread over a wide area.

  • The city has an active fishing industry, carried out by small boats, mainly fresh water catch. Most of the fish found on deck were tilapia, which is called Carpe locally.

    Much of the catch is cleaned and shipped to Libreville where itis sold in the markets.