After a short visit and study on the State of Ethiopia have reached these conclusions…

  • The supply from traditional capture fisheries is lagging behind the demand of the growing fish consumption in Ethiopia. This offers opportunities for Aquaculture businesses to play a role in improving fish production and expanding the fish markets opportunities. Much land is suitable for aquaculture in Ethiopia and for most systems (earthen ponds, concrete ponds, cages in lakes and more).

  • The only option for a fast development of aquaculture in Ethiopia

    Aquaculture needs certain basic resources and inputs, such as feeds,

    Fingerlings, suitable land and water, markets research.

    For the development of aquaculture in Ethiopia, the establishment of a few Intensive fish farms is crucial.

  • There are opportunities for two specific business models:

    1. Large scale intensive commercial fish production;

    2. Semi-intensive small-scale commercial fish production

    3. Good consultancy and know how.

    Farming of tilapia and Catfish could be a viable business proposition under certain Circumstances